BREXIT – last week’s “No Deal Readiness” Dashboard

Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) is maintaining close contact with our UK counterpart in terms of Brexit developments (yes another FTA – the Freight Transport Association). The FTA UK have kindly provided “No Deal Readiness Dashboard

The original list of unfinished actions were drawn up after the aborted leaving date in March, and therefore reflects the state of readiness of UK border procedures at that time. These requirements only come into effect if the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and EU is not ratified, by 31 October and no extension is given.

Since the weekend the UK FTA have started a second Dashboard of all items that they need to clarify about how the border between GB, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland will operate in the event of no further improvements being reached in a Free Trade Agreement by the end of 2020.

It appears as though the replacement arrangements for the Backstop may be politically convenient but they are a logistical nightmare.

DOWNLOAD – fta no-deal dashboard external 191021 (002)