Easter and ANZAC Day Trading Hours

With Easter fast approaching we would like to advise you of our operating hours over the Easter period and ANZAC Day.

19th April, Good Friday – CLOSED
20th April – CLOSED
21st April – CLOSED
22nd April – Easter Monday – CLOSED
23rd April – normal hours
24th April – normal hours
25th April – ANZAC Day – CLOSED
26th April and onwards – normal operating hours

To ensure that we meet your expectations over this period, kindly make sure that all clearance documents are sent to ACF as far in advance as possible, be aware that all containers collected over this period will have via yard, lift and storage fees applied and only where existing arrangements are in place will the above fees not be applied.

Please note that the priority over this period will be mainly focused on meeting your delivery requirements in the shorter timeframe available to us, meaning that de-hiring will be actioned to the best of our ability but outside forces such as longer than normal queues and shorter opening times as well as public holidays may force some containers into detention.

To add to the fairness, we will be adding one working day to the allowable time to collect and de hire empty containers between April 15th and April 29th this is crucial and obviously necessary given the higher volumes of deliveries, longer queues at every point, wharf collections and drops – deliveries – de hires – trips in and out of your nominated depots etc.

We would like to remind you of our policy on Container Detention: ACF will only review detention after 14 days from the first day of vessel availability with 2 business days for dehire of empty from notification.

We would also like to ask that your accounts personnel continue meeting our agreed trading terms during this period as we know that there may be only skeleton staff in most accounts departments and that can then impact on payments being made which in turn impacts on us.

Finally ACF Management and Staff would like to wish you all a safe and happy Easter.